Praise for Los Diablos and Let's Waste Another Evening:

"I don't know who else is in running for the title of "hardest-working man in show business" now that James Brown has passed on, but I nominate Josh Lederman for the honor. Josh and his Devils are the ones I want to hear when I'm in the mood to slam down a beer and shake my booty like I just don't care." - Robin Abrahams, The Boston Globe (9/19/07)

"Boston's Josh Lederman has that rare gift of writing personal, confessional songs with such universal breadth that the listener, after a few beers, may wonder if they weren't written just for him. On top of Lederman's talent, he's got himself a crackerjack band, Los Diablos, who draw from Celtic, Zydeco and Americana traditions, while adhering to a pop sensibility. The band's latest outing, Let's Waste Another Evening, sounds uncannily like a grouping of Billy Bragg and Wilco outtakes from Mermaid Avenue and could wind up represented on many a mix tape made by down-and-out hopeless romantics." - Gabe Meline, North Bay Bohemian (11/22/06)

"Josh Lederman writes songs, with artistry and wit, songs that hit home with anyone with a pulse and a past. This band has absorbed both musical history and personal history (and) hit a level that usually means their influence will start trickling down to new bands." - Mike Wood, Music Emmissions (March 2006)

"Give Lederman his due - the boy can write and sing a snappy working-guy's drinking tune. The title track is emblematic, transforming Beantown pub crawls into nightly pleasure. And with a spry fiddle, and an accordion player that turns "Another Lonely June" and "Te Portki Tancuja" into New Orleans zydeco, his Diablos spice up his home-brewed tales of daily life and love. Manifestly likeable, he's like the guy with short pockets who nevertheless buys the drinks. And if he's the movie hero, you know he's going to bag the barmaid in the end. Guiness please!"
- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover #57 Winter 2006

"It¡¯s never too early to get ready for that end of the year top ten list, and I can¡¯t imagine this album not finding its way onto mine... Lederman compares very favorably to Shane MacGowan as a songwriter. Like MacGowan, Lederman is at heart a hopeless romantic... capable of painting compelling character studies that are extraordinary in their depictions of ordinary relationships. Like other seemingly outsider bands from The Ramones to The Magnetic Fields, Lederman knows his way around a great pop hook. I can¡¯t recommend this record strongly enough."
- Kevin Finn, The Noise(10/3/05)

"Don't let the name fool you; this band is closer to Ireland or the Maritimes than they are to Mexico. Their unique gumbo is spiced with some zydeco and klezmer sound, (and) personal experience with bands such as this gives rise to the caution that, if you should have the good fortune to see one of their shows, be prepared to consume copious amounts of wobbly pop; it's part of the ambiance. This is real life music...I've yet to meet anyone who can't get off on this one."
- Don Grant, Freight Train Boogie(11/3/05)

"Exuberant, glass-clinking fun. The record successfully captures the energy of the alcohol-infused live environment that seems to be the impetus for Los Diablos' music. Grab a few beers, invite some friends over, put it on, and just chill out. Or better yet, head out to one of Los Diablos' bar shows and enjoy the music in its natural environment. Because Guinness is best from the tap, and some music is best experienced live."
- Brian McGrath, Northeast Performer(November 2005)

"(Let's Waste Another Evening) is a wild and wicked album! Highly Recommended."
- Steve Terrell, Santa Fe New Mexican (9/2/05)

"Anybody who has ever seen Los Diablos perform understands the meaning of a rock riot. The band's beer-fueled, Celtic-rock flavored shows are tantamount to drunken pandemonium. Better still, the band's songs, written by Josh Lederman, are as smart and good as they are rambunctious and catchy."
- Ed Bumgardner, Winston-Salem Journal (8/30/05)

"Los Diablos have got the waltz down to a science, and their Neutral Milk Hotel brand of folksy singer-songwriter half-rock-half-country is quite exquisite."
- Stepehn George, Louisville Ecclectic Observer (8/30/05)

"With an expressive baritone and competent story-telling in his songs, Josh Lederman could be described as Boston's Billy Bragg."
- Performing Songwriter Magazine (June 2005)

...and for Los Diablos' earlier albums:

"(Lederman's voice) gives his group's three albums and live shows - which are raw sprung, loose affairs - the same sweet, sympathetic appeal that Tom Waits had in his early years."
- Ted Drozdowski, The Boston Phoenix (1/4/04)

"Lederman has a soaring, soulful voice and songwriting chops that could make Shane Macgowan blush. Josh Lederman y Los Diablos make the finest Jewish-Celtic Folk Pop available."
- James Heflin, The Valley Advocate (9/18/03)

"Josh Lederman, leader of Los Diablos, writes old-fashioned songs. The kind you get drunk to, get married to, get divorced to and request to have played at your funeral. They're tales of down-'n-outers. They offer the minute details that often tell you more about a character than the grand, sweeping gestures. Perhaps most importantly, they have the good sense to enter the room briskly, make their point and then get the heck out of the way, leaving you enough time to go to the bar for another beer before they launch into another one."
- Jeff Miers, The Buffalo News


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